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I met Buford Pusser in the fall of 1973. It was a chance meeting in Nashville, in front of the old War Memorial Auditorium. I had no idea who he was. I was a kid from Denver hired to play rhythm guitar for a gospel group.

My first impressions of the man have never left me. He seemed shy with a dry wit an His face looked like he was in one hell of an accident. He was a big man, and when I shook his hand, my hand disappeared; Buford’s hands were absolutely huge.

The band I was hired to play in helped me somewhat fill in the blanks of who Buford Pusser was. In the summer of 1974 I returned to Denver and a few of us went out to have a “vigilante” night. It is not what you’re thinking-- we went to the drive-in to see a double feature-- “Billy Jack“ and “Walking Tall”. My thought at the time was, ‘hey, I met this dude and he was one tough SOB, and if the movie was only partly true, he had to be part vigilante to survive all that.’ Sadly, Pusser would be killed driving his Corvette just a few short weeks later.

In 2001, the Buford Pusser Project was started by Wiley Brewer, a photographer who also does photo restoration work. He has restored many Buford Pusser photos as well as taken many photos of related areas since the late 1980’s. Robert Farish, who passed away in 2004, was the other founding member of the group.

Robert had one of the largest collections of Pusser memorabilia that also included the W R Morris collection of notes, photos, and documents. Other collectors, law enforcement, historians, and other walks of life, including a Tennessee U S Senator, were all once a part of the Project. However, following the death of Robert, Wiley shut down the forum in the summer of 2004.

Currently, there is a half dozen past members who still research, interview, and collect information for the web site, Buford Pusser Home and Museum, and other endeavors. Enjoy the Legendary Sheriff web site. .


The Site

The site is in chronological order of Pusser’s life except for: the state line mob or gangsters, or mobsters who ran bootlegging, gambling, prostitution, moonshining, and murder along the McNairy side of the line. Infamous individuals like Carl Douglas “Towhead” White, Jack Hathcock, Louise Anderson Hathcock, W O Hathcock, Pee Wee Walker, and Howard Bunch.

There is an area on the site called Legend Makers; those who feel responsible for making the “Walking Tall” legend of Pusser. Both Eddie Bond and W R Morris sued the late sheriff’s estate making that very claim. Go to Media to find videos, photos, audio, newspaper articles, and magazines. The FAQ section will hopefully answer some of the questions and clear up some of the myths.


The site will use as many actual quotes as possible to tell the story. There will also be letters, FBI report information, and copies of contracts along with other information to coincide with each chapter.

More information

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