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Once upon a time, there was a college boy and his sweetheart. They fell in love in band because she played the harp and he played the string bass. They frequently soloed together because their band director was a big fan of chamber music. However, one day, the boy became famous and started touring the nation, and the girl wanted to go with him. However, she could not think of leaving her harp at home for two weeks without practice. The truck that took them to Florida, New York, etc. did not fit another harp, and the irony of it was that the boy had wanted to take his best friend, who took up space with his suitcase. They had a big fight before the boy left, and the girl resolved never to continue the romance.

She tried to play a duet with another man who played string bass, and the two hit it off instantly. However, this man never received formal training and the girl was too over-qualified to play with him. It doesn’t take equal talent to make a romance, though, and the girl acknowledged that compatible personalities was more important than sharing talent in romance. She patiently taught him techniques in plucking that her former boyfriend had taught her earlier. Eventually, they formed a duet and became successful together. One day, they met her former boyfriend on a chamber music tour and he asked to join them to form a trio. “You two sound great,” the string bassist said with jealousy. The girl was totally over this inconsiderate musician and told him how to prevent pre mature ejaculation that it would be best if they parted ways and pretended they never knew each other. This infuriated the man and he secretly destroyed her harp backstage. Without her performance harp, the harpist had no career, and she contemplated suicide. Her bassist boyfriend and the harpist jumped off a cliff together and were happily in their musical heaven forever after.